Structure and Dynamics of Internal Interfaces

Collaborative Research Center (Sonderforschungsbereich) SFB 1083:

The Collaborative Research Center SFB 1083 of the DFG was established at Philipps-Universität Marburg in 2013. More than 80 chemists and physicists jointly investigate solid/solid interfaces of a variety of organic and inorganic materials in order to achieve a detailed microscopic understanding of the chemical bonding, the electronic coupling, and the dynamics of energy transfer for model systems of different classes of heterointerfaces.

Since 2017 the SFB includes groups from the Universities of Gießen and Münster and the Jülich Research Center.

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Latest News

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Non-equilibrium diffusion of dark excitons in atomically thin…

Thompson et al.,
Nanoscale Horiz.

Valley-exchange coupling probed by angle-resolved photoluminescence J.J.P.…

Hepp et al.,
Electron. Lett.

Room-temperature laser operation of a Ga(In,As)/Ga(As,Bi)/Ga(In,As)…

Pieck et al.,

Alkyne-Functionalized Cyclooctyne on Si(001): Reactivity Studies…


Prof. Dr. Kerstin Volz


Prof. Dr. Michael Gottfried

Steering Committee

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Höfer

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Koert

Prof. Dr. F. Stefan Tautz

SFB 1083 Office, Marburg

Dr. Stefan R. Kachel

Tel. +49 6421 28-24223

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