Internal interfaces in the sense of this collaborative research centre are interfaces between two solids. They are locations, where two different electron systems couple. Our research is focussed on the detailed microscopic understanding of this coupling and how it can be influenced and tailored to specific needs. Since not only existing electronic semiconductor devices, but also most future applications of novel solid state materials, such as molecular or two-dimensional solids, rely on interfacial properties, research on internal interfaces lies at the heart of modern materials science.

The material systems under investigation in SFB 1083 are inorganic semiconductors, organic thin films and metals. The particular choice of material combinations and interfaces between them is generally not driven by specific applications. Their choice is rather determined by their suitability as model systems to address and isolate fundamental processes of chemical and physical interactions at and across the interface. The research programme proceeds along three main lines. Two of these are directly reflected in the topic areas of the centre, while development and improvement of interface-specific experimental techniques is an important aspect of several projects in both topic areas.

Topic Area A: Development and characterization of model systems


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Project A2 (Witte)

Inorganic/organic and organic/organic interfaces: structure and charge transport

Experimental Physics, Marburg


Project A3 (Jakob)

Organic heterolayer interfaces: structure and vibrational excitations

Experimental Physics, Marburg


Project A4 (Gottfried)

Reactivity, energetics and structure of buried organic/metal interfaces

Physical Chemistry, Marburg


Project A5 (Volz)

Atomically resolved structure of solid/solid interfaces

Experimental Physics, Marburg


Project A6 (Tonner)

Unified density functional description of bonding and interactions at inorganic/organic interfaces

Theoretical Chemistry, Marburg


Project A8 (Koert/Dürr)

Organic molecular building blocks for the synthesis of internal interfaces

Experimental Chemistry, Marburg & Experimental Physics, Gießen


Project A12 (Tautz/Bocquet/Kumpf)

Structure and phonons of heteroepitaxial stacks of weakly interacting 2D materials and molecular layers

Experimental Physics, Jülich


Project A13 (Rohlfing)

Theory of electronic interfaces states in weakly bound heterostructures

Theoretical Physics, Münster


Project A14 (Volz)

Metal Organic Vapour Phase Deposition of Two-Dimensional Heterostructures

Experimental Physics, Marburg


Project A15 (Heine)

Ionic 2D Materials for Designable Organic-Inorganic Interfaces

Experimental Chemistry, Marburg


Project A16 (Gottfried/Koert)

Synthetic Interface Chemistry

Physical Chemistry, Marburg