Professor Ralf Tonner appointed Chair for Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Leipzig

We congratulate Prof. Dr. Ralf Tonner, prinicple investigator of SFB-Project A6 “Unified density functional description of bonding and interaction at inorganic/organic interfaces” on his new postion as Chair for Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Leipzig.

Professor Ralf Tonner.jpgProfessor Tonner joined SFB 1083 as a junior group leader in 2013 and has been very active and succesful in understanding inorganic/organic interfaces from electronic structure theory. In 2016, he was awarded the Hellmann-Prize for Theoretical Chemistry in recognition of his contributions to a detailed theoretical understanding of the chemical processes at surfaces and interfaces. In 2019, he received offers for a professorship (W2) for theoretical chemistry from the Universties of Chemnitz and Regensburg. He accepted the offer from Regensburg and has been working there since April 2020. In Leipzig, Professor Tonner will continue to be prinicple investigator of SFB 1083.