34. Erfinderlabor: Scientific curiosity of the next Generation

Hessen’s young MINT scientists conduct research on hydrogen and renewable energies within the SFB 1083 and Philipps University Marburg

Group foto of the closing event.

The 34th Inventors’ Lab (Erfinderlabor) of the Center for Chemistry (Zentrum für Chemie, ZFC) has successfully entered its finale. This year’s event was once again organized by the ZFC in cooperation with the Philipps University of Marburg and Elkamet and supported by other renowned cooperation partners such as the SFB 1083.

The practice-oriented workshop not only offers valuable career orientation on career opportunities in the MINT environment (mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology), but also always addresses a current topic of high socio-political and economic relevance. The focus of this years Inventors’ Lab was on renewable energies and hydrogen.

The sixteen students in four teams dealt with different issues in the context of the energy transition in different research groups, which are part of the SFB 1083. The topics were novel crystalline materials for the use of surface structures as energy converters, the functioning of batteries and the basics of laser spectroscopy as well as the self-construction of a spectrometer. Finally, the storage of hydrogen in metal hydrides was investigated.

The experts were impressed by the technical curiosity and quick comprehension, but also by the motivation and team spirit of the young people. “Here, a highly complex topic was explained precisely,” said Prof. Dr. Gregor Witte from the SFB during the virtual closing event.

The local project partner was the Chemikum Marburg represented by Dr. Christof Wegscheid-Gerlach. “The Inventors’ Lab exemplifies how scientific topics of the future can be communicated at the intersection of school and university, and thus how both levels of education can be interlinked.”


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