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WAGNER, Bettina Dr.

Former PhD-studentPhilipps-Universität MarburgDepartment of ChemistryLink: Project A11 (Heine)

WALLAUER, Robert Dr.

Photo of Dr. Robert WALLAUER
Principal InvestigatorPhilipps-Universität MarburgDepartment of PhysicsRenthof 5 35032 MarburgPhone: +496421 28-21406Link: Project B6 (Höfer/Wallauer)Link: Biography


Experimental physics, strongly correlated electron systems, electron spectrometers, laser- and synchrotron-based photoelectron spectroscopy

University Education

2012Doctoral degree in Physics (Dr. phil. nat.), University of Frankfurt, Dissertation on “Untersuchung von Korrelationseffekten in der Doppelphotoemission von normal- und supraleitendem Blei”, thesis advisor: Prof. R. Dörner
2006Diploma degree in Physics (Dipl. Phys.), University of Frankfurt, supervisor: Prof. R. Dörner
2000-2006Studies in Physics, University of Frankfurt

Professional Experience

since 2016Postdoc, Department of Physics (Prof. U. Höfer), University of Marburg
2015-2016Postdoc, Institute of Physics (Prof. G. Schönhense), University of Mainz
2013-2014Postdoc, Faculty of Physics (Prof. A. Kanigel), Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa (Israel)
2006-2013Research Assistant, Institute of Nuclear Physics (Prof. R. Dörner), University of Frankfurt
2005-2006Research stay at the Instituto Pluridisciplinar (Prof. A. Gonzales Urena), Complutense University, Madrid (Spain)

Honours, Awards and other Proofs of Qualification

2013Minerva Fellowship (Max Planck Society)

Selected Publications

  1. R. Wallauer, S. Voss, L. Foucar, T. Bauer, D. Schneider, J. Titze, B. Ulrich, K. Kreidi, N. Neumann, T. Havermeier, M. Schöffler, T. Jahnke, A. Czasch, L. Schmidt, A. Kanigel, J. C. Campuzano, H. Jeschke, R. Valenti, A. Müller, G. Berner, M. Sing, R. Claessen, H. Schmidt-Böcking, R. Dörner
    Momentum spectrometer for electron-electron coincidence studies on superconductors
    Rev. Sci. Instr. 83, 7 (2012).
  2. J. B. Williams, C. S. Trevisan, M. Schöffler, T. Jahnke, I. Bocharova, H. Kim, B. Ulrich, R. Wallauer, F. Sturm, T. N. Rescigno, A. Belkacem, R. Dörner, T. Weber, C. W. McCurdy, A. L. Landers
    Imaging Polyatomic Molecules in Three Dimensions Using Molecular Frame Photoelectron Angular Distributions
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 233002 (2012).
  3. R. Wallauer, S. Sanna, E. Lahoud, P. Carretta, A. Kanigel
    Sensitivity of angle-resolved photoemission to short-range antiferromagnetic correlations
    Phys. Rev. B 91, 245149 (2015).
  4. D. Kutnyakhov, S. Chernov, K. Medjanik, R. Wallauer, C. Tusche, M. Ellguth, S. A. Nepijko, M. Krivenkov, J. Braun, S. Borek, J. Minar, H. Ebert, H. J. Elmers, G. Schönhense
    Spin texture of time-reversal symmetry invariant surface states on W(110)
    Sci. Rep. 6, 29394 (2016).
  5. C. Tusche, P. Goslawski, D. Kutnyakhov, M. Ellguth, K. Medjanik, H. J. Elmers, S. Chernov, R. Wallauer, D. Engel, A. Jankowiak, G. Schönhense
    Multi-MHz time-of-flight electronic bandstructure imaging of graphene on Ir(111)
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 261602 (2016).
  6. A. Kronenberg, J. Braun, J. Minar, H.J. Elmers, D. Kutnyakhov, A.V. Zaporozhchenko, R. Wallauer, S. Chernov, K. Medjanik, G. Schönhense, M. Kläui, S. Chadov, H. Ebert, M. Jourdan
    Dirac cone and pseudogapped density of states in the topological half-Heusler compound YPtBi
    Phys Rev. B 94, 161108 (2016).
  7. H.J. Elmers, R. Wallauer, M. Liebmann, J. Kellner, M. Morgenstern, R.N. Wang, J.E. Boschker, R. Calarco, J. Sanchez-Barriga, O. Rader, D. Kutnyakhov, S. Chernov, K. Medjanik, C. Tusche, M. Ellguth, H. Volfova, S. Borek, J. Braun, J. Minar, H. Ebert, G. Schönhense
    Spin mapping of surface and bulk Rashba states in ferroelectric alpha-GeTe(111) films
    Phys. Rev. B 94, 201403 (2016).
  8. R. Wallauer, N. Armbrust, J. Reimann, J. Güdde, U. Höfer
    Direct imaging of intervalley scattering in MoS2 by time- and angle-resolved two-photon photoemission
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 162102 (2016).


Former ResearcherPhilipps-Universität MarburgDepartment of PhysicsLink: Project B4 (SW Koch)


Photo of Dr. Christof WEGSCHEID-GERLACH
Principal InvestigatorPhilipps-Universität MarburgDepartment of Pharmacy, Vice-Director “Chemikum-Marburg” e.V.Phone: +49-6421 28-25843Link: Project Ö (Wegscheid/Dehnen)Link: Biography


Pharmaceutical chemistry, computer aided molecular design, molecular modelling, pharmaceutical and chemical education

University Education

2006Doctoral degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Dr. rer. nat.), Philipps-Universität Marburg, “Privileged structures for the inhibition of serine proteases – docking and directed design in the protein binding pocket”, thesis advisor: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Klebe
2002State licensed pharmacist
1997-2001Studies of Pharmacy, Philipps-Universität Marburg

Professional Experience

since 2013Permanent position as “Akademischer Rat”
2010-2013Permanent position as scientific staff scientist
2007-2009Lab Head computational chemistry, Bayer Health Care, Berlin
2006-2007Postdoc computational chemistry, Lilly Pharma, Hamburg
2003-2006Stipend of the DFG-research training group “Protein function at the atomic level”
2002Practical training for pharmacists, Apotheke am Brommygrün, Wilhelmshaven
2001-2002Practical training for pharmacists, Hoffmann La-Roche, Basel

Honours, Awards and other Proofs of Qualification

2016-2017Co-Organisation of the Studium Generale on Emil von Behring (12 Lectures)
since 2014Member of the academic senate at Philipps-Universität Marburg
since 2011Deputy executive director Chemikum Marburg e.V.
since 2011Member of the examination board “Industriemeister Pharmazie” of the Kassel-Marburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce
2012-2013Co-Organisation of the Studium Generale on Drug Devlopment and the conflicts thereof (12 Lectures)
2009Co-Editior for the special issue “The Medicinal Chemistry of Protease Inhibitors” Journal Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
2007-2008Associated member of the EU FP7 Marie Curie Research Training Network “Chromatin Plasticity”

Selected Publications

  1. H. Steuber, M. Zentgraf, C. Gerlach, C. A. Sotriffer, A. Heine, G. Klebe
    Expect the unexpected or caveat for drug designers: multiple structure determinations using aldose reductase crystals treated under varying soaking and co-crystallisation conditions
    J. Mol. Biol. 363 (1), 174 (2006).
  2. C. Gerlach, M. Smolinski, H. Steuber, C. A. Sotriffer, A. Heine, D. G. Hangauer, G. Klebe
    Thermodynamic inhibition profile of a cyclopentyl and a cyclohexyl derivative towards thrombin: the same but for different reasons
    Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 46 (44), 8511 (2007).
  3. C. Gerlach, M. Münzel, B. Baum, H. D. Gerber, T. Craan, W. E. Diederich, G. Klebe
    KNOBLE: a knowledge-based approach for the design and synthesis of readily accessible small-molecule chemical probes to test protein binding
    Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 46 (47), 9105 (2007).
  4. C. Gerlach, H. Broughton, A. Zaliani
    FTree query construction for virtual screening: a statistical analysis
    J. Comput. Aided Mol. Des. 22 (2), 111 (2008).
  5. J. Degen, C. Wegscheid-Gerlach, A. Zaliani, M. Rarey
    On the art of compiling and using “drug-like” chemical fragment spaces
    Chem. Med. Chem. 3 (10), 1503 (2008).
  6. B. Baum, M. Mohamed, M. Zayed, C. Gerlach, A. Heine, D. Hangauer, G. Klebe
    More than a simple lipophilic contact: a detailed thermodynamic analysis of nonbasic residues in the S1 pocket of thrombin
    J. Mol. Biol. 390 (1), 56 (2009).
  7. T. Brandt, N. Holzmann, L. Muley, M. Khayat, C. Wegscheid-Gerlach, B. Baum, A. Heine, D. Hangauer, G. Klebe
    Congeneric but still distinct: how closely related trypsinligands exhibit different thermodynamic and structural properties
    J. Mol. Biol. 405 (5), 1170 (2011).
  8. S. Oppermann, F. C. Schrader, K. Elsässer, A. M. Dolga, A. L. Kraus, N. Doti, C. Wegscheid-Gerlach, M. Schlitzer, C. Culmsee
    Novel N-phenyl-substituted thiazolidinediones protect neural cells against glutamate- and tBid-induced toxicity
    J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 350 (2), 273 (2014).
  9. M. T. Barho, S. Oppermann, F. C. Schrader, I. Degenhardt, K. Elsässer, C. Wegscheid-Gerlach, C. Culmsee, M. Schlitzer
    N-acyl-derivatives of 4-pheoxyaniline as neuroprotective agents
    Chem. Med. Chem. 9 (10), 2260 (2014).


  1. M. Koppitz, V.Schulze, D. Kosemund, H. Schirok, B. Bader, P. Lienau, T. Marquardt,
    C. Wegscheid-Gerlach, G. Siemeister, S. Prechtl, A. M.Wengner, U. Bömer, Triazolopyridin-Derivate (EP 2507236 B1 (2010)).
  2. J. Hübner, C. Wegscheid-Gerlach, O. Panknin, S. Ring, S. Bäurle, C. Huwe, K. Nowak, R. Nubbemeyer, H.-P. Muhn, Pyridinone derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions thereof (WO 2011076687 A1 (2009)).
  3. M. Koppitz, B. Bader, U. Bömer, B. Kreft, P. Lienau, T. Marquardt, S. Prechtl,
    G. Siemeister, C. Wegscheid-Gerlach, Substituted imidazoquinoxalines (US 8729082 B2 (2009)).
  4. B. Bader, U. Bömer, S. Ince, M. Koppitz, P. Lienau, T. Marquardt, D. Nguyen, S. Prechtl, G. Siemeister, C. Wegscheid-Gerlach, Substituted aminoquinoxalines as tyrosine threonine kinase inhibitors (US 20120263708 A1 (2009)).

WEI, Shangxin

Former PhD-studentPhilipps-Universität MarburgDepartment of ChemistryLink: Project A9 (Dehnen)

WEISKE, Hendrik

PhD-StudentUniversität LeipzigFaculty of Chemistry and MineralogyLink: Project A6 (Tonner)

WENZEL, Sabine Dr.

PostdocForschungszentrum JülichPeter Grünberg Institut (PGI-3)Phone: +49-2461 61-3987Link: Project A12 (Tautz/Bocquet/Kumpf)

WESELOH, Maria Dr.

Former PhD-studentPhilipps-Universität MarburgDepartment of PhysicsMainzer Gasse 33 35032 MarburgLink: Project B7 (Stolz/SW Koch)


Former PhD-studentPhilipps-Universität MarburgDepartment of PhysicsLink: Project A2 (Witte)

WIDEMANN, Maximilian

PhD-studentPhilipps-Universität MarburgMaterial Science Center (WZMW), Structure & Technology Research LaboratoryPhone: +49-6421 28-25610Link: Project A5 (Volz)

WITTE, Gregor Prof. Dr.

Photo of Prof. Dr. Gregor WITTE
Principal InvestigatorPhilipps-Universität MarburgDepartment of PhysicsPhone: +49-6421 28-21384Link: Project A2 (Witte)Link: Project MGK (Koert/Witte)Link: BiographyLink: Group Homepage


Organic semiconductor films, physical chemistry of adsorbates, template and interface controlled growth of thin films, X-ray absorption spectroscopy

University Education

2002Habilitation (Dr. rer. nat. habil.) in Physical Chemistry, Ruhr-Universität Bochum „Physico-chemical properties of organic thin films on copper surfaces“
1995Doctoral degree in Physics (Dr. rer. nat.), Georg-August Universität Göttingen, Dissertation on “Characterization of structure and dynamics of clean and adsorbate covered oxid and metal surfaces”, thesis advisor: Prof. J. P. Toennies
1989Diploma degree in Physics (Dipl. Phys.), Georg-August Universität Göttingen, supervisor: Prof. J. P. Toennies
1983-1989Study of Physics at the Georg-August Universität Göttingen

Professional Experience

2008-Professor (W3) for Experimental Physics, Philipps-Universität Marburg
2003-2008Lecturer/docent, Department of Chemistry, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
1998-2002Group leader (assistant professor), Chair of physical chemistry I at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum
1996-1997Postdoc, IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose (USA), Department Storage and Technology (Dr. D. Chambliss) and
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (National Center for Electron Microscopy), Berkeley (USA) (imaging of magnetic thin films by spin-polarized LEEM)
1991-1995Research Assistant at the MPI for Strömungsforschung in Göttingen
1990-1991Civil service at the Diakonisches Werk in München and freelancer within the framework of the satellite project “ORFEUS“ (project assistant for optical alignment of a SpaceShuttle based UV-telescope at Kaiser-Threde GmbH, München)
1989-1990Research Assistant at the MPI for Strömungsforschung in Göttingen

Honours, Awards and other Proofs of Qualification

1996Postdoctoral Fellowship of the DFG

Selected Publications

  1. G. Witte, Ch. Wöll
    Growth of aromatic molecules on solid substrates for applications in organic electronics
    J. Mater. Res. 19, 1889 (2004).
  2. D. Käfer, L. Ruppel, G. Witte, Ch. Wöll
    The role of molecular conformations in thin film growth: Why soft matter can be special
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 166602 (2005).
  3. D. Käfer, G. Witte, P. Cyganik, A. Terfort, Ch. Wöll
    A comprehensive study of self-assembled monolayers of anthracenethiol on gold: Solvent effects, structure, and stability
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128, 1723 (2006).
  4. D. Käfer, L. Ruppel, G. Witte, Ch. Wöll
    Growth of pentacene on clean and modified gold surfaces
    Phys. Rev. Rev. B 75, 085309 (2007).
  5. W. Khalid, M. El Helou, T. Murböck, Z. Yue, J.-M. Montenegro, K. Schubert, G. Göbel, F. Lisdat, G. Witte, W. J. Parak
    Immobilization of quantum dots via conjugated self-assembled monolayers and their application as a light-controlled sensor for the detection of hydrogen peroxide
    ACS Nano 5, 9870 (2011).